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Legal Notice

Isabelle Weislo - Personal case Craftsman
16, rue Jean Romain - 14000 Caen

Phone. : +33 (0) 6 63 41 36 90

Siret: 52481034800044 - NAF 3213Z

Director of publication: Isabelle Weislo
Editorial manager: Isabelle Weislo

Article 1 - Protection of the website Isabelle WEISLO website

1) Copyrights and copyrights on Isabelle Weislo

Any representation or reproduction, in whole or in part, of the elements of the Site is prohibited.

2) Distinctive signs on the Isabelle Weislo website

All logos, brands, images, texts, distinctive signs on the site are protected by the intellectual property rights of the respective authors.
The use of the Site does not in any way and in any way imply any transfer of rights, these remaining the exclusive property of Isabelle Weislo.
Any fraudulent use of all or part of the Site may give rise to prosecution.

3) Links on the Isabelle Weislo website
The system and the establishment of links is authorized when the pages of the Site appear in a whole and isolated window, under their respective addresses.
Consequently, the opening of our pages by frame is, for example, strictly prohibited.

Warning ! This authorization does not apply to websites disseminating information of a controversial, pornographic, xenophobic nature or which may, to a greater extent, undermine the sensitivity of the greatest number of people.

The Sites which could have a hypertext link with this site are not under the control of Isabelle Weislo. Consequently, Isabelle Weislo cannot be held responsible for their content. The risks associated with the use of this site are the sole responsibility of their user, who must comply with their conditions of use.

Article 2 - Scope of content


Isabelle Weislo strives to ensure reliable and up-to-date information on its site. Nevertheless errors or omissions may occur.

The information transmitted via this site, in particular that relating to products, training, courses, addresses, prices are only indicative.

All of the information on this site is provided "as is" without any warranty.
The user must therefore ensure the accuracy of the information contained on this site with Isabelle Weislo

Isabelle Weislo cannot be held responsible for any use that may be made of it and for any direct or indirect damage that may result from it.

Isabelle Weislo reserves the right to modify this site and the information it contains at any time.

Article 3 - Protection of personal data

"Personal data" means any information that identifies you either directly (such as your name) or indirectly (for example using a unique customer number).

The personal data we collect depends on the point of contact through which you interact with us, as well as the purposes of that interaction as described in this Policy and is also limited to those that are relevant and appropriate for that interaction. Visitors to the website communicate their personal data when they interact with the site through these contact points, for example:

- by creating an account and connecting to it,

- by making a purchase on our site,

- by subscribing to one of our programs or services,

- by writing to us via the contact forms,

- or by writing us a comment in the free online order fields,

For what purposes

Isabelle Weislo only collects the information necessary for each action:

- For the newsletter it will be your first name and email address,

- For an order or invoicing, it will be your first name, last name, full email address and email and telephone address,

- For request to send a promotional offer it will be your contact preferences: email or sms

A history of your online purchases, including your orders, their tracking and your invoices, the amount and type of purchase)

- Your size for example when you order an item such as a bracelet or a ring.

- Your date of birth in order to benefit from the Birthday offers eligible according to your program

- Your satisfaction and feedback on our programs, services and products

Regarding your purchases, payments are made via a secure payment platform, supplemented by control measures, in particular contact encryption measures, in order to guarantee the security of the purchases made and to fight against fraud. Your bank details are therefore not accessible to Isabelle Weislo.

We invite you to ensure that your data is regularly updated, either by modifying it directly on our sites or by informing us in writing of any modification by referring to the dedicated "Contact" section.

How? 'Or' What

As part of our relationships, the data we collect may be collected

on the website (order, newsletter subscription, subscription to a promotional offer)

when ordering by phone,

on the occasion of an exchange during an exhibition, a trade fair.

Personal data essential for management and for which they are collected are identified by an asterisk "*"

If these mandatory fields for the proper management of your request are not completed, we will not be able to respond or process your request. The other information, not identified by an asterisk, is only there to know you better and to improve our products and services for you.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

How long are your data kept

For a customer, the data is kept for 10 years from the date of the 1st purchase.

For a prospect, the data is kept for 3 years from the date of the data collection date.

For all other contacts, data is kept for 10 years

When we no longer need to use your personal data, it is deleted from our records.

Who accesses your data?

Only Isabelle Weislo can access your data. We do not pass your data on to third parties for commercial purposes.

We are only required to communicate your information if this is necessary, for example, if we entrust third parties responsible for delivering a product to you, providers of payment services and of securing transactions against fraud.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Please note that these partners may act as data controllers; in this case, they have their own privacy policies. This could be, for example, La Poste for the delivery of your orders or Sumup and Paypal for your electronic payment transactions.

The GDPR provides in particular the following rights:

Right to information: you have the right to obtain clear, transparent and understandable information about how we use your personal data and about your rights. You have a right of access to your personal data, a right of rectification: you have the right to have your personal data rectified if they are inaccurate or obsolete and / or to complete them if they are incomplete

You also have a right to erasure / right to be forgotten, a right of opposition.

How to contact us ?

By email at

Article 4 - Cookies on the Isabelle Weislo website

This site does not use "cookies" (elements identifying your computer, stored on its hard drive; this is what allows an e-commerce site, for example, to recognize you).

Article 5 - Accommodation

This site is hosted by: Wix Inc.
Address: 500 Terry A François Blvd San Francisco, CA 94158
Telephone: +1 415-639-9034.

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