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Daisy Filament Bracelet

The Filament Collection is inspired by lace, as light and spider-web; an ode to femininity all in poetry. You will wear them very easily and they will elegantly dress your face with softness and lightness.

Daisy Filament Bracelet

il faut prévoir un délai de 4 à 5 semaines pour la réalisation et la livraison
  • Materials: brass wire (French manufacture) gold plated at a Parisian craftsman
    Finish: gold plated (3 microns)
    Length: 17.5 cm
    Technique: crochet

  • The creations of the Filament Collection are 100% French artisan creations.
    The Filament (round element) is entirely hand crocheted by myself, I use a brass thread which is then treated Gold plated with a Parisian craftsman.

    By the technique of crochet and manual production, each Filament is unique.

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