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Empreinte Necklace

The Empreinte collection is inspired by the seaside.

Of these compositions offered to us by the sea and its surf on the sand. An ephemeral imprint that I wanted to print in memory of those happy and joyful moments by the sea.

Empreinte Necklace

  • Materials: brass wire (French manufacture)
    Finish: gold plated (3 microns) at a Parisian craftsman
    Chain length: 42 cm
    Pendant height: 2.6 cm

  • The creations of the Empreinte Collection are 100% French artisanal creations made in my workshop in Caen.
    The Filament (round element) is entirely hand crocheted by myself, I use a brass thread which is then treated Gold plated with a Parisian craftsman.

    By the technique of crochet and manual production, each Filament is unique.

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