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L'Oasis Pendant Necklace

The L'Oasis collection is inspired by the desert.

In my imagination, crocheted each element represents a group of antelope ... (to you to choose your totem animal) that comes refresh, drink around the oases.

The chain represents the caravan that crisscrosses the desert.

Like the jewel, the oasis is a treasure for those who live in the desert.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Wearing this jewel is also carrying a story that only you can know!

L'Oasis Pendant Necklace

il faut prévoir un délai de 4 à 5 semaines pour la réalisation et la livraison
  • Materials: brass wire (French manufacture) gold plated at a Parisian craftsman
    Finish: gold plated (3 microns)
    Round crocheted to materialize the clasp
    Length: 66 cm
    Pendant height: 6 cm
    Technique: crochet

  • The creations of the Filament Collection are 100% French artisan creations.
    The Filament (round element) is entirely hand crocheted by myself, I use a brass thread which is then treated Gold plated with a Parisian craftsman.

    By the technique of crochet and manual production, each Filament is unique.

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